Honbu Link - Seido Headquarters in New York, USA

Seido seeks to develop in each student a 'non-quitting' spirit. No matter what the obstacle or difficulty -- emotional, physical, financial -- we want students to feel empowered to overcome any challenge. This is the modern interpretation of the bushido spirit of the samurai is what the sincere practice of karate can develop in an individual regardless of age, ability or background.

Seido's Founder and Chairman: Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura (9th Dan)

Seido's Vice Chairman - Nidiame Akira Nakamura (8th Dan)

In the fall of 2008, Kaicho formally named his only son as his rightful successor and bestowed on him the exclusive title within the World Seido Karate Organization of “Nidaime” ("ni" for second, or next in line).

Shibu Link - New Zealand Headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand

The dojo was founded in 1965 by one of the pioneers of Kyokushinkai in New Zealand - Doug Holloway. Following Sensei Holloway's departure in 1969 to further his studies the dojo was headed by Renzie Hanham.

Head Instructor: Hashi Renzie Hanham (8th Dan)

Seido Nelson Link - Nelson, New Zealand

For 40 years, Andy Barber has been teaching Seido karate through his Nelson dojo. Thousands of students - ranging from preschool age to people in their 70s - have taken advantage of the presence of one of the most senior teachers in the world of the Seido style.

Head Instructor: Hanshi Andy Barber (8th Dan)

Seido Temuka Link - Temuka, New Zealand

The Temuka dojo was opened by Jun Shihan Lance Puhirere on 29 March 1987 when he was a Nidan. He has been training for over 30 years. Originally training under Sei Shihan Michael Higgs (Timaru dojo). 

Head Instructor: Jun Shihan Lance Puhirere (6th Dan)

Seido Stoke Link - Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand

My name is Stephen Lomax. I have been training in Seido karate for over 30 years and have been the senior teacher in Stoke since 1987. I have participated in seminars, demonstrations and tournaments in New York City, Johannesburg, and Sydney, as well as many events throughout New Zealand, but my real passion is teaching karate.

Head Instructor: Sei Shihan Stephen Lomax (6th Dan)

Seido Blenheim Link - Blenheim, New Zealand

The Blenheim Seido Karate Dojo has been established for over 35 years. ". . . in that time thousands of Blenheim people have benefited from the practice of this traditional Martial Art. At its base, Seido Karate is a self defence that teaches us to take personal responsibility for ourselves.

Not just in self defence but in all areas of our lives.

Head Instructor: Kyoshi Eric Hughes (5th Dan)

Seido Dunedin Link - Dunedin, New Zealand
Welcome to Dunedin's Seido Karate Club. We are a small friendly club with a dedicated core of experienced black belt instructing a range of students from beginner through to advacned. On Sunday mornings we have a junior section that caters for our younger members.

The Dunedin branch of Seido was formed in 1980. The Club is led by Jun Shihan Kelvin Lewis, a sixth degree black belt with over 30 years of experience. He is supported by Jun Shihan Kelvin Wilson and a number of black belts who share the teaching load. Seido Dunedin has produced more than 80 black belts, many now prominent in dojos elsewhere.