Adult Beginners (and general class): Tuesday Evenings

Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm

Children Beginners: Thursday Evenings

Time: 5.45pm - 6.45pm

Minimum age: 6 years

Where: Timaru Dojo, 32 High Street, Timaru

Cost: All classes are free until your first grading

For all enquiries please contact:

Kyoshi David Martin

Phone: 686 2474

Or email:

Kaicho with Sensei Chris Kelley (left) & Kyoshi David Martin (right)

Welcome to Seido Karate

We hope you will enjoy training with us. We believe Seido Karate offers the most comprehensive programme available in physical fitness, meditation and self defence. We are a serious martial arts school and are looking for highly motiated men, women and children who are interested in improving themselves, both mentally and physically. We provide you with the programme, supervision, and atmosphere of the traditional karate. This allows you to realise your full potential for growth and achievement.

The WORLD SEIDO KARATE ORGANISATION has it's headquarters in New York, USA with branches world wide. Kaicho Tadashi Nakanura is the head of the organisation. In New Zealand, the branches are managed by two branch chiefs - Hanshi Renzie Hanham in Christchurch, and Hanshi Andy Barber in Nelson. Both are 8th Degree Black Belts.


For more information on Dojo Ettiquette and Seido terminology please see our "Test Your Knowledge" page.

Dojo Ettiquette

Dojo ettiquette is based on respect. Respect to seniors is paramount. It takes a great deal of hard work and perseverance to move up the grades.

seido titles
Seido (english) meaning
  Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura
  Founder of Seido Karate/Chairman
   Nidaime Akira Nakamura
  Vice Chairman/Son of Kaicho
  Senior Master
   Shuseki Shihan
  Chief Master
  Sei Shihan
  Jun Shihan
  New Master
  Senior Instructor (over 80 years old)
  Senior Instructor


On entering the Dojo, remove your shoes, bow to the Shin-zen, saying "Osu" as you enter. Saying "Osu" in the Dojo is like constantly reaffirming your commitment to train hard and improve yourself. 

"The Real Competition is with yourself"


Dojo - Training hall (place of learning / of enlightenment) about taking responsibility for your actions. We all work to keep our Dojo clean and comfortable, wiping the floor after class is part of this, as is where you put your shoes. All go to make up personal growth. It is a special place by the respect that all students give to it, a place where we come to learn about ourselves. "A growing from within", a study never-ending, "beyond doing and seeking."


Osu is a greeting, understanding and a constant sound heard by everyone who is serious about the Martial Arts. It means: hello or goodbye; to try my best. Osu is a mark of respect for senior grades. Recognition for their knowledge, ability and dedication. When commands are given in class, respond by saying Osu loud and clear. It reaffirms your commitment to train hard and improve yourself. Also when called out onto the floor from seiza (kneeling position) bow to Shinzen and say Osu (to try my best). 



Meditation is done at the end of each class and is part of your learning process. A way of balancing and creating harmony of mind and body.



Bowing - is a gesture of respect in all serious Martial Arts, and is not a symbol of subservience. It is an acknowledgement of the responsibility to care for others during practice. With the bow, partners agree to be responsible for each other. This understanding is an agreement of honour and should be practiced accordingly.