Jun Shihan Sandra Wiggins and Jun Shihan Dave Moore, both 6th Dans, took over the running of the dojo in June 2019 after Sei Shihan Michael Higgs' passing. Both head instructors have been training with Timaru Seido Karate for over 35 years, including training in Honbu, New York.


Sei Shihan Michael Higgs was a 6th Degree Black Belt in the World Seido Karate Organisation. He taught for 42 years, taking over the Timaru Branch as a green belt in 1977. He passed away on 10 June 2019.

Photo: Sei Shihan Michael Higgs and Senpai Dick Ivess



Welcome to Seido Karate Timaru. We believe Seido Timaru Karate offers the most comprehensive programme available in physical fitness, meditation and self defence. We are a serious martial arts school and are looking for highly motivated men, women and children who are interested in improving themselves both mentally and physically. We provide you with the programme, supervision and atmosphere of the traditional karate. This allows you to realise your full potential for growth and achievement.

The World Seido Karate Organisation has it's headquarters in New York, USA, with branches worldwide. Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura is the head of the organisation. In New Zealand, the branches are managed by two branch chiefs - Hanshi Renzie Hanham (Christchurch) and Hanshi Andy Barber (Nelson) both are 8th Degree Black Belts.


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Beginners classes are on Tuesdays 6pm to 7.30pm. See our Timetable

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We accept children from 6 years of age. 

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Purchased 1 May 1989 at a cost of $50k plus GST. This was funded by a mortgage of $40k with the balance from fundraising. This mortgage was guaranteed, mainly by the black belts. We registered for GST to get the GST back which was paid to the bank as required by them. The mortgage was repaid in 1994.

It was one long building, originally owned by the Timaru Milling Co. Noel Dellow purchased the building from them. He contacted Paul Johnston regarding the building as a possible dojo. Paul was a green belt and Sandra Wiggins’s employer. The building was split into 2 titles. One for the Timaru dojo and the other for Tom Walsh Storage Ltd (now Couplands Stockfeed).

Significant alterations and improvements were done by the dojo students, fortunately there were a number of “tradie” students, of course including Sei Shihan Michael, with the experience to help get the job done at minimal cost. The entrance to our part of the building was blocked off – where the white board is; a new entrance made with a stairway, partitions for mens and ladies changing rooms, lounge, etc. Total rewiring from the street (including a phone cable), plumbing, and the Shinzen was built.

At the time of purchase, the SC Hospital Board rented out the area below the dojo. This lease was terminated in November 1990. Then leased to a few mechanics/panel beaters. Our current tenant, Coxy has been with us since 1997.

On 8 May 2020 the mortgage was discharged and the remaining guarantors of the mortgage were released. These were Lynley Ning, Mark McDonald, Sandra Wiggins, David Moore, Brian Walters, Paul Johnston, and George Pomroy.


The Club was started in May 1975 by 1st Kyu Dick Ivess, in the Zingari Club Rooms, later to Timaru Boys High School gym. In 1977 Senpai Dick left Timaru due to work.  The dream of having their own Dojo was realized in 1989 when the High Street Dojo was bought. Seido Karates annual Beach Training Weekend  is legendary and goes back over 40 years.

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